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Welcome to the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast where we discuss the social and interpersonal side of kink, BDSM, fetish and alternative sexualities. We know it's scary, getting out there and trying to meet a like-minded kinky partner. “What if my friends find out?”, “What will people at work say?” Well you know what... it IS possible and we know because we did it. Now we share our adventures with you. We're not here to gossip... we just want to spread positivity and share with you what worked for us. Helping you in your endeavour to find a dom, sub, play-partner, top, bottom, boyfriend, girlfriend or even just some friends with the same consensual fetishes as you. Please enjoy #ProudToBeKinky.
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Feb 23, 2017
  Welcome to episode 17 of #ProudToBeKinky, this week you get a break from the current run and Bakji and Floss chats, as this week they are joined by their very first international guest. That’s right folks, we took to Skype to have a lovely chat with our guest Rachissa. Whose main Fetish is tickling. She kindly came on to talk us about how she got into tickling, and what the Fetish scene has to offer fellow ticklephiles. We talk a lot about kinks we are familiar with, such as Shibari and D/s. We are however an all inclusive podcast, and we want to encourage and celebrate all consensual kinks. If you are, or know someone who has a less common kink then please do get in touch if you think it’s something we should be talking about, or if indeed you think we should be talking to you.   Anyway, back to the tickling. Are you a ticklephile yourself? With no idea how to go about meeting fellow tickle fans? Then you definitely need to listen to this podcast. We find out how to discover your local tickle scene, what goes on at a tickle munch and what larger events there are to meet like minded people. #ProudToBeKinky Podcast | BDSM | Fetish | Kink |We also ask Rachissa about her personal tickling preferences, and how she combines tickling with other kinks. We also delve into her first ever tickle scene and her best ever tickle scene.   If you have any comments on this episode or any of our previous please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife. We have recently start a page on Patreon as well, it is still in the early stages of development, so still lots more to come, but if anyone would like to support us in our efforts to make the podcast even better and reach even more kinky peope, then we would be very thankful.
Feb 18, 2017
Welcome to Episode #16 of #ProudToBeKinky. Bakji and Floss return with a topic inspired by a recent blog post written by Floss. You can check the full blog out here, essentially though it is a response to a reader's question about limits within the BDSM scene. It doesn’t take long once you join either Fetlife, or get down to a munch and you will see or hear someone mention limits in some way. They may mention hard limits, soft limits and in some cases no limits. If you have come from a non-kink background and have yet to do your research on things like limits, this may seem a bit daunting.
  • What if you don’t know your limits?
  • Can your limits change?
  • Are they there to be challenged?
  • What can limits cover?
There is no way of knowing these things until you learn them, we don’t want anyone running for the hills though because they’re too nervous to find out the answers before they are confident enough to start making friends. So we are going to do our best to cover the basics, so you know what you are dealing with when it comes to talking about limits. Both your own and others peoples. Topics we cover in this episode:
  • What are hard and soft limits?
  • How do we personally approach limits?
  • How can you discuss limits?
  • Can limits vary from day to day, partner to partner etc?
  • How can knowing your limits help you socially?
We hope you enjoy this episode and all previous episodes too. If you have any questions though, either about the topics we have already cover, topics you’d like us to cover or general thoughts on Kink, Fetish and BDSM, then please do get in touch. You can contact us on, also via our Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife Profiles.
Feb 9, 2017
Welcome to Episode #15 of the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, this week sees Bakji and Floss discussing all things Latex. If we leave you with more questions than we answer, then please send us a message via and we will happliy message you back with a response. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch so far, it really is lovely to connect with those of you who are listening. [caption id="attachment_1213" align="aligncenter" width="298"]@_floss_84 in Latex @_floss_84 in Latex[/caption] Latex is a big passion for both Bakji and Floss, and in this episode they attempt to explore how you can get into the social side of loving Latex and the some of the practical elements of being into Latex. It can be easy to feel like you are the only one with your Fetish when your Fetish is quite niche like Latex. We are here to tell you though that this is definitely not the case. The Latex groups of Fetlife are filled with people who offer a plethora of information on buying, wearing and meeting other Latex enthusiasts. Now while that is a good place to find a mine of information, we still, as always recommend getting yourself out to munches and events to meet like minded folk. As you will hear us discuss in more detail in the podcast. When it comes to the practical side of being into or getting into Latex, there is a lot to cover, and it seems to be something you can continuously learn new things about. Practical Topics covered in this episode are:
  • Where to buy Latex
  • Latex care (cleaning, shining & dressing aids)
  • Difference between dipped and glued Latex
  • Chlorinated Latex -  what it is & why people do it
  We hope you enjoy this episode of #ProudToBeKinky, if there are any topics you’d love to hear us discuss then please do get in touch with your suggestions.   Links: The Cage Westward Bound Latex Libidex Latex Clothing
Feb 4, 2017
Welcome to Episode #14 of #ProudToBeKinky, where Bakji and Floss are back to talk more about Shibari. If you're tuning in for the first time and you’re wondering what the heck Shibari is. Head a few episode back and listen to Episode #08, where Floss gets the lowdown on Shibari from two guest experts.   For those who have listened to that episode, and are wondering why we are revisiting the same topic so soon, there were some people left wondering about the actual where’s and how’s of Shibari. So here we are to try and fill in the gaps. [caption id="attachment_1190" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Rope Bondage Rope Bondage[/caption] First of all we aim to cover the social elements of Shibari:  
  • What is a Rope Munch?
  • What can you expect at a Rope Munch?
  • And why is it worth going?
  • Why is it worth learning rope?
  Then we move on to the more practical elements of getting into Shibari:  
  • Where can you learn online?
  • What rope is available?
  • Who to buy from
  • Things to consider for suspensions
  Links:   Ganraptor on YouTube Two Knotty Boys Video Moco Hip Harness & MocoJute Twisted Monk on YouTube & TwistedMonk Website Esinem Website MMHJute Website Knothead Nylon Site