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Welcome to the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast where we discuss the social and interpersonal side of kink, BDSM, fetish and alternative sexualities. We know it's scary, getting out there and trying to meet a like-minded kinky partner. “What if my friends find out?”, “What will people at work say?” Well you know what... it IS possible and we know because we did it. Now we share our adventures with you. We're not here to gossip... we just want to spread positivity and share with you what worked for us. Helping you in your endeavour to find a dom, sub, play-partner, top, bottom, boyfriend, girlfriend or even just some friends with the same consensual fetishes as you. Please enjoy #ProudToBeKinky.
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Dec 29, 2017

Rain DeGrey is an author, BDSM and sex educator and someone who has been fully immersed in kink lifestyle for the last decade. She has done shoots for and has experienced many, many kinks and is wonderfully open about discussing and sharing her information and experiences with others.

We discuss why Rain is so passionate about embracing a kink lifestyle and why she encourages other people to do the same and explore what it is about kink that they enjoy. Which given the ethos of our podcast is a perfect conversation for us to share with our listeners.

Rain shares with us another passion of hers, which is education. We talk about some of the classes she teaches, and how they have evolved over the years and what it is about doing her classes that is so rewarding.

We also talk about the wonderful exchange that exists between Tops and bottoms, and what we each bring to our interactions and how if each person involved isn’t fully present and invested in the exchange it may not be as successful as we’d like it to be.

If you’re listening to this episode and you still haven’t been to your local munch, but would like to go, get ready for some serious encouragement for why you should go, it’s nice that it’s not us saying it for a change but someone else.

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Dec 25, 2017

Bakji and Floss have been busy this year, not only with the podcast, but also with outings to Fetish events and indulging in sexy scenes at home. In this episode we discuss some of the things we’ve done this year.

Regular listeners of our spin-off podcast FemDom and Fetish Fun, will be familiar with some of the scenes we have enjoyed throughout 2017. Which ones have been our favourites though? We have each picked out Tops kink moments and discuss why they stand out for us.

As well as a little bit of reminiscing we also look to future kinky fun as we talk about what our kinky resolutions are for 2018. While we both pick very sexy things, we definitely have very different ideas of what we’d like to do next. So we should have an interesting year ahead.

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We are also part of the Podcast Jukebox Network along with Off The Cuffs, The Will Sean Podcast and Drinks with God. Reviews are always appreciate from both us and the other shows on the network.

Dec 19, 2017

Safewords are this episodes topic of conversation. After Floss saw a few posts in a short space of time all about the same subject on Reddit, it seemed like the time was right for safewords to have their own episode.

  • What are they?
  • When you should you use them?
  • Why should you use them?
  • And should you ever feel bad or awkward about using them?

We are definitely in the group of people who feel like having a safeword is good thing, no matter who you are playing with, however when researching the topic online to make sure we were presenting the right information we did come across lots of people who don’t feel the need to use them, and we are certainly not saying one way is right and one is wrong, just that there are options to consider.

As well as general approaches to safewords we do discuss the ones we use personally and our own personal thoughts on them. We also discuss what we might do if someone used an unfamiliar safeword and what we would do if a safeword ended a scene.

For those people who are fans of clear communication and do not see a safeword as something they need, we talk about some situations where even people who can read each other well and communicate during scenes might find a safeword of use. We also touch upon nonverbal safewords and how you can check in on a partner who might be particularly sub-spacey and unable to communicate well.

While we appreciate that not all kinksters will want to use a safeword, it is definitely something that we should all be making an informed and considered decision on. Yet it still seems to be a topic that has people incredibly divided and has people new to the scene asking what teople new to the scene asking what the ‘right way’ is.

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We are also part of the Podcast Jukebox Network along with Off the Cuffs, Drinks with God and the Will Sean Podcast.

Dec 8, 2017

Shut The WOOF Up is a new podcast that is all about puppy play and the community and activities that it encompasses. The host Volka was kind enough to join us for an episode so that we could ask him all the questions we’ve had for ages about puppy play.

First things first, Volka has a sound effects board. I am sorry I failed to control Bakji, he far less pliable and a lot more defiant when fully clothed. You will hear a lot of sound effect, and I mean a lot. The good news is, we haven’t got a sound board. The bad news is, Bakji wants one. So watch this space.

Anyway, back to puppy play. Once you start bimbling around the kink community you start to comes across a variety of pet play, ponies, kittens and puppies are probably the most popular and puppy play is a community alongside but also separate from the kink community. There are pup munches, pup events and pup websites to help you meet other like minded pups and/or handlers.

Volka was extremely open, and wonderful about answering all our questions. Which means we were able to talk about exactly what being a pup might entail. Is it sexual? Is it platonic? Are there lady pups? What the devil do you do if you go to a pup event?

We also ask Volka all about his podcast, all about his personal dynamics, because we’re nosey like that and generally we had a blast and if you think puppy play might be for you, then you need this episode. If you don’t think it’s for you I’m pretty sure you will still find much hilarity within this conversation.

Links discussed during the show are as follows:

Shut The WOOF Up

Puppy Pride

RubberDawg Custom Hoods

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