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Welcome to the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast where we discuss the social and interpersonal side of kink, BDSM, fetish and alternative sexualities. We know it's scary, getting out there and trying to meet a like-minded kinky partner. “What if my friends find out?”, “What will people at work say?” Well you know what... it IS possible and we know because we did it. Now we share our adventures with you. We're not here to gossip... we just want to spread positivity and share with you what worked for us. Helping you in your endeavour to find a dom, sub, play-partner, top, bottom, boyfriend, girlfriend or even just some friends with the same consensual fetishes as you. Please enjoy #ProudToBeKinky.
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Apr 8, 2017
SlapStick Fetish Club has been running for a year, Bakji and Floss made their first visit back in March and were instantly seduced and it’s definitely up there as one of their top Fetish nights out. So when the lovely Pierre and Hannah who run the event agreed to come onto the podcast we were overjoyed. [caption id="attachment_1269" align="aligncenter" width="245"]SlapStick Club SlapStick Club[/caption] We can promote other people's events as much as we like, but hearing about events from the people that organise them is even better. One of the reasons people have said they enjoy the podcast is because it shows them that there are nice, regular people on the scene, the same goes for the people arranging events. They’re nice people who want to put on awesome events for like minded kinksters. I hope that by us talking to people who run Fetish nights, it will encouraging those of you who have yet to make it to your first Fetish event, to do just that.   Topics covered in this episode:  
  • What are their top tips for a first visit to a Fetish event
  • What made them decide to set up a Fetish event
  • What did they want to do a little bit different to other events
  • Is it difficult finding suitable locations for events
  At one point we digress a little bit into a discussion about swinging clubs. While they aren’t something any of us who host the podcast have experienced, and despite the fact there isn’t a huge swinging/BDSM crossover, we appreciate that some of our listeners might have interest in this aspect of sexual exploration, if so we hope some of what we discuss today will be of some use.   Hannah and Pierre were also kind enough to share a little bit more about themselves, and the relationships they are in and the types of kink activities they enjoy. We also asked how they initially discovered kink and what made them join the fetish scene.   You can find out more about SlapStick Club on their website, they are also on Instagram,, on Twitter @Slap_Stick_Club and Facebook, Their next event is on May 20th in London, so check that out if you think this sounds like your kind of night out. As always questions and comments on this episode and any of our previous episodes can be sent via hello@proudtobekinky, or via any of our social media accounts. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Fetlife and Facebook. We also have our Patreon account for anyone who would like to support the podcast and help us make it even better and reach more people.
Mar 31, 2017
Fellow podcasters Dick_Wound and Minimus Maximus are our guests for this episode. They host Off The Cuffs: A Kink and BDSM Podcast. When we were just a few episodes into #ProudToBeKinky, Dick_Wound reached out to us on Fetlife and offered podcasting camaraderie. We were genuinely touched, even more so when we asked for advice on guest episodes and they not only gave advice, but were active in getting us in contact with people who became future guests. [caption id="attachment_1251" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Off The Cuffs Podcast Off The Cuffs Podcast[/caption] When the conversation turned to possibly doing each other's shows we were very excited. I know we have our own podcast, which is brilliant, but going on someone else's show, well that’s a whole different ball game. So it was decided we would fire up Skype and each do a recording for the other podcast. I am happy to say we were not disappointed. Despite the geographical distance between us, it very much felt like making new friends.   Topics covered in this episodes are:  
  • How Dick and Max got into kink
  • What made them start a podcast together
  • What current dynamics they are enjoying
  • What kind of kinks and fetishes they have
  You can hear more from them on their podcast which can be found on iTunes and most other podcast apps. The are also on Fetlife and Twitter. If you’d like to hear the recording of we did for their show you, we were on Episode 49.   If you have any comments about this episode or any previous episodes you can email us via hello@proudtobekinky. Alternatively you follow and message us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife. Thank you to everyone who has sent in comments so far. They are fantastic to read.
Mar 26, 2017
Bootblacking came up in conversation back in episodes 12 and 13, when Bakji and Floss discussed the various roles you encounter on the Fetlife dropdown menu. At the time it was a new one for Bakji, and Floss had limited information but did feel it would be a fun one to discuss in the future should we meet anyone who could share their experiences of being a bootblack. [caption id="attachment_1237" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Boot Blacking Boot Blacking[/caption] As luck would have it that is exactly what has happened. Via the wonders of internet friends, email and Skype, we are able bring to you a chat with the lovely Aiden, who came onto the podcast to discuss his experiences of being a bootblack, as well as a host of other things.   Aiden has been on the scene for around 10 years, so once again it’s nice to chat to someone with a fair amount of experience under their kinky belt. While bootblacking isn’t his primary kink, it is the one that piqued our interest and it was definitely a conversation that gave us more understanding of the how’s and why’s of this kink.   Some of the things we discuss surround bootblacking are:  
  • Is it just shining boots? Or can other things be shined?
  • Is it purely service oriented? Or is there a sexual element for some people?
  • What products can you use?
  • Where can you go if you’re interested in bootblacking?
  We also chat to Aiden about the type of dynamics he’s currently involved in, some of his other kinks and what his thoughts are on getting social and making your way to a munch. The curious side of also wonders what the weekend brings for other kinksters, so we get the inside track on Aiden’s weekend plans and upcoming events.   Quick fire questions returns as well, because it is our new favourite thing. Guests always answer so differently and usually to great success. So expect more of this in the future, including more talks of sushi. If you have any ideas for some quick fire question please do email them to us via hello@proudtobekinky, as well as any other comments or questions you may have about the podcast. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife, and our Patreon page is now up and running so please do check us out there.
Mar 18, 2017
Download here Welcome to Episode 20 of #ProudToBeKinky, or should we say Episode d20, because this is another guest episode, in which we welcome a new friend of the show D20Domme and her submissive Lucky Puppy. We were absolutely delighted to have them on the podcast, and we had so much fun recording with them. So we hope you all enjoy listening to it just as much.   There are so many different ways to engage in BDSM, and as we have said in previous episodes the best way for you is the way that makes you and your partner/s happy. Guest episodes like this are brilliant because they give us all an insight into how someone else does BDSM their way.   One of the main things we were keen to chat to D20 and Lucky Puppy about was their long distance relationship. With one of them based in America and the other in the U.K at their time of meeting, we wanted to delve into the things they did to cement their connection and maintain a relationship across the many, many miles. We also discuss how they each got into kink and their journey from that point to where they are now.   Topics covered in this episode:  
  • How their relationship got started
  • Maintaining a LDR
  • The type of kinky activities and scenes they engage in
  • Chastity play
  • Sexy hypnosis
  • The differences/similarities between the scenes in the U.K and U.S
  • More Shibari talk
  • The importance of communication and honesty
  • Quick fire questions, which definitely made for some fun conversations
  Due to the fact that both our guests were really friendly and easy to chat to there is a lot of digressing from the topics at hand, so be prepared to hear our views on some slightly more random things. If our ramblings don’t quite give you all the information you’d like on d20 then you can also find her at her blog From Mundane to Mistress, which has lots of fab reads on it. As we always say, because we really do mean it, if you have any questions or thoughts on the podcast, including this and previous episodes please get in touch via, or through our Instagram, Twitter or Fetlife accounts. We also have a patreon account for those people who like to randomly give others money to support their endeavours.
Mar 11, 2017
Welcome to Episode 19 of #ProudToBeKinky, where Bakji and Floss talk through their experiences and thoughts on the various headspaces you may encounter when you start exploring Kink, Fetish and BDSM. [caption id="attachment_1312" align="aligncenter" width="300"]SubSpace and TopSpace SubSpace and TopSpace[/caption] When you first join the scene there are lots of new phrases you start to hear, one of the most common being 'subspace'. If you’ve played a little but never heard the term before, it can be hard to know if you've experienced it. It can also for some people become a bit of a goal to reach, and disappointment can occur for those people who struggle to get the experience of subspace they’d like.   However we don’t want anyone to feel disappointed in any aspect of their kink lifestyle. So in this episode we also cover the fact that this is something that can happen, but not experiencing it doesn’t detract from how much fun kinky play can be. In fact there may be situations in which people actively avoid subspace, so we touch on those too.   For those people who do like the idea of getting a bit ‘spacey’, we discuss what actions might get you there, and what you can expect when you have that experience. While subspace is probably the most talked about headspace on the scene, 'Top space' and 'rope space' are also ones we have come across on a fairly regular basis, so we have a little chat about those too.   When we experience subspace/Topspace, whether it’s for the first time, or if you’re seasoned player. The after effects of the intensity it brings can have an effect. This is what people will refer to as drop. We discuss how drop may feel for various people, and how aftercare can make drop less likely to occur, or at least bring comfort during it.   Topics covered in this episode:  
  • The different types of headspaces you may encounter
  • How to get into that ‘spacey’ zone
  • Why you might want avoid going ‘spacey’
  • How to transition from spacey play back into reality
  • The after effect of subspace/Topspace
  • How to alleviate drop
  As always if you have any comments on this episode, previous episodes or the podcast in general please do get in touch via We also are also happy to respond to any comment on Instagram, Twitter or Fetlife. So do give us a follow and say a little hello.
Mar 7, 2017
Download here Welcome to Episode #18 of #ProudToBeKinky. Join Bakji and Floss as they talk about how to be more dominant... but in sexy way. Please excuse their ever so slightly sleepy demeanour, this is the after effects of a very fun night out with Fetishy friends. We are definitely following our own advice about being social, but sometimes this does leave us burning the candles at both ends. We promise we will be a bit more alert for the next recording. So as you will know from previous episodes, Floss spends a lot of time perusing the internet and frequents places like the LoveHoney forum, FetLife groups and more recently forums. One of the questions that comes up time and time again in these forums is usually along the following lines: ‘My partner would like to be more submissive to me in the bedroom/in scene. How do I go about being more Dominant?’ The things people are often worried about are technical skills; for things like impact play, attitude; do they seem 'Domly' enough, confidence; nerves can absolutely take the edge of sexy times and many other worries come up alongside those few things. In this episode we talk about our own experiences, and what things might help someone who is new to Topping but really wants to give it a go and be confident with it. Topics covered in this episode:
  • The importance of communication
  • How to avoid Topping from the bottom and why that is important.
  • Practical ideas to combat nerves during a scene
  • Types of Domination you can include
This episode also introduces our new feature, ‘Writing of the Week’, this week features a writing from The Ochre Muse Blog. We read out the writing in question and we discuss why we enjoyed it, and how it’s message supports the ethos of the podcast. As always we enjoy hearing any feedback you have on the pod, so please do get in touch via, hello[at] You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, FetLife and our new page over on Patreon. Please do come and connect with us and say a little hello.  
Feb 23, 2017
  Welcome to episode 17 of #ProudToBeKinky, this week you get a break from the current run and Bakji and Floss chats, as this week they are joined by their very first international guest. That’s right folks, we took to Skype to have a lovely chat with our guest Rachissa. Whose main Fetish is tickling. She kindly came on to talk us about how she got into tickling, and what the Fetish scene has to offer fellow ticklephiles. We talk a lot about kinks we are familiar with, such as Shibari and D/s. We are however an all inclusive podcast, and we want to encourage and celebrate all consensual kinks. If you are, or know someone who has a less common kink then please do get in touch if you think it’s something we should be talking about, or if indeed you think we should be talking to you.   Anyway, back to the tickling. Are you a ticklephile yourself? With no idea how to go about meeting fellow tickle fans? Then you definitely need to listen to this podcast. We find out how to discover your local tickle scene, what goes on at a tickle munch and what larger events there are to meet like minded people. #ProudToBeKinky Podcast | BDSM | Fetish | Kink |We also ask Rachissa about her personal tickling preferences, and how she combines tickling with other kinks. We also delve into her first ever tickle scene and her best ever tickle scene.   If you have any comments on this episode or any of our previous please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife. We have recently start a page on Patreon as well, it is still in the early stages of development, so still lots more to come, but if anyone would like to support us in our efforts to make the podcast even better and reach even more kinky peope, then we would be very thankful.
Feb 18, 2017
Welcome to Episode #16 of #ProudToBeKinky. Bakji and Floss return with a topic inspired by a recent blog post written by Floss. You can check the full blog out here, essentially though it is a response to a reader's question about limits within the BDSM scene. It doesn’t take long once you join either Fetlife, or get down to a munch and you will see or hear someone mention limits in some way. They may mention hard limits, soft limits and in some cases no limits. If you have come from a non-kink background and have yet to do your research on things like limits, this may seem a bit daunting.
  • What if you don’t know your limits?
  • Can your limits change?
  • Are they there to be challenged?
  • What can limits cover?
There is no way of knowing these things until you learn them, we don’t want anyone running for the hills though because they’re too nervous to find out the answers before they are confident enough to start making friends. So we are going to do our best to cover the basics, so you know what you are dealing with when it comes to talking about limits. Both your own and others peoples. Topics we cover in this episode:
  • What are hard and soft limits?
  • How do we personally approach limits?
  • How can you discuss limits?
  • Can limits vary from day to day, partner to partner etc?
  • How can knowing your limits help you socially?
We hope you enjoy this episode and all previous episodes too. If you have any questions though, either about the topics we have already cover, topics you’d like us to cover or general thoughts on Kink, Fetish and BDSM, then please do get in touch. You can contact us on, also via our Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife Profiles.
Feb 9, 2017
Welcome to Episode #15 of the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, this week sees Bakji and Floss discussing all things Latex. If we leave you with more questions than we answer, then please send us a message via and we will happliy message you back with a response. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch so far, it really is lovely to connect with those of you who are listening. [caption id="attachment_1213" align="aligncenter" width="298"]@_floss_84 in Latex @_floss_84 in Latex[/caption] Latex is a big passion for both Bakji and Floss, and in this episode they attempt to explore how you can get into the social side of loving Latex and the some of the practical elements of being into Latex. It can be easy to feel like you are the only one with your Fetish when your Fetish is quite niche like Latex. We are here to tell you though that this is definitely not the case. The Latex groups of Fetlife are filled with people who offer a plethora of information on buying, wearing and meeting other Latex enthusiasts. Now while that is a good place to find a mine of information, we still, as always recommend getting yourself out to munches and events to meet like minded folk. As you will hear us discuss in more detail in the podcast. When it comes to the practical side of being into or getting into Latex, there is a lot to cover, and it seems to be something you can continuously learn new things about. Practical Topics covered in this episode are:
  • Where to buy Latex
  • Latex care (cleaning, shining & dressing aids)
  • Difference between dipped and glued Latex
  • Chlorinated Latex -  what it is & why people do it
  We hope you enjoy this episode of #ProudToBeKinky, if there are any topics you’d love to hear us discuss then please do get in touch with your suggestions.   Links: The Cage Westward Bound Latex Libidex Latex Clothing
Feb 4, 2017
Welcome to Episode #14 of #ProudToBeKinky, where Bakji and Floss are back to talk more about Shibari. If you're tuning in for the first time and you’re wondering what the heck Shibari is. Head a few episode back and listen to Episode #08, where Floss gets the lowdown on Shibari from two guest experts.   For those who have listened to that episode, and are wondering why we are revisiting the same topic so soon, there were some people left wondering about the actual where’s and how’s of Shibari. So here we are to try and fill in the gaps. [caption id="attachment_1190" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Rope Bondage Rope Bondage[/caption] First of all we aim to cover the social elements of Shibari:  
  • What is a Rope Munch?
  • What can you expect at a Rope Munch?
  • And why is it worth going?
  • Why is it worth learning rope?
  Then we move on to the more practical elements of getting into Shibari:  
  • Where can you learn online?
  • What rope is available?
  • Who to buy from
  • Things to consider for suspensions
  Links:   Ganraptor on YouTube Two Knotty Boys Video Moco Hip Harness & MocoJute Twisted Monk on YouTube & TwistedMonk Website Esinem Website MMHJute Website Knothead Nylon Site
Jan 29, 2017
Welcome to Episode #013 of #ProudToBeKinky, this is Part 2 of our ‘Roles & Their Definitions’. Once again it is Bakji and Floss, discussing some of the roles you may encounter when you join the scene, and more specifically Fetlife. While other roles are available, for the purpose of this episode we are discussing the roles available on the FetLife drop down menu, in the general information section of your Fetlife profile. In this episode we cover the roles that are encountered less frequently. We have approached with as much knowledge as we have on each one, but as we said in the previous episode, many roles are open to interpretation and a person's own feeling surrounding their kink identity. If you would like to get in touch about this episode or any previous episodes you can do so on hello [at], or via Instagram, Twitter and FetLife. Especially if you would like to share your thoughts surround one of the roles in this episode. Whilst we really did try to cover everything we could, we didn't get round to Age Play. So we've add it to the list here. Roles Covered in this Episode:
  • Brat
  • Pet
  • Kitten
  • Pup
  • Pony
  • Evolving
  • Exploring
  • Vanilla
  • Undecided
  • Not applicable
  • Primal
  • Primal Predator
  • Primal Prey
  • Doll
  • Furry
  • Kajira
  • Kajirus
  • Sensualist
  • Princess
  • Cuckold
  • Cukquean
  • Spanko
  • Spankee
  • Leather Man
  • Leather Woman
  • Leather Daddy
  • Leather Top
  • Leather Bottom
  • Leather boy
  • Leather girl
  • Leather boi
  • Bootblack
And a few we accidentally missed:
  • Ageplayer
  • Big
  • Middle
  • Daddy
  • Mommy
  • Little
Jan 26, 2017
Welcome to Episode #012 of #ProudToBeKinky, Bakji and Floss return this week to give you the lowdown on the various role options you might encounter when you join the scene. While other roles are available, for the purpose of this episode we are discussing the roles available on the Fetlife drop down menu, in the general information section of your Fetlife profile. This is going to be a two part discussion, so make sure to come back for Episode #013 where we will cover the roles we don’t get round to in this episode. In this episode we cover the more common roles that many of us will have heard of before we joined the scene, such as Dominant and submissive. There are so many things can feel like ‘must do’ things when you first join the scene, and sometimes we see new people rush to adopt their chosen role, and try their best to adhere to how they think that means they should behave. However, the more time you spend on the scene the more you realise that most people are fairly fluid in their approach to play and often encompass more than one role and whether or not you choose to use a role to identify your interests is most definitely a choice and not a necessity. We have approached each role with the standard definition that can be found in places such as the BDSM Glossary group on Fetlife. However lots of people choose to identify as a particular role but may attach their own definition to it. If you have adopted one of the roles discussed but approach in a different way we’d love to hear from you, so email us at Topics covered in this episode:
  • The more common roles encountered on the scene & their definitions
  • What roles to Bakji & Floss identify with and why
  • Where are Ben & Viv?
  • Shout Outs
Roles Covered in this Episode:
  • Dominant
  • Domme
  • Switch
  • Submissive
  • Master
  • Mistress
  • Slave
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Sadist
  • Masochist
  • Sadomasochist
  • Kinkster
  • Fetishist
  • Swinger
  • Hedonist
  • Exhibitionist
  • Voyeur
  • Slut
  • Sissy
  • Rigger
  • Rope Top
  • Rope bottom
  • Rope bunny

Remember you can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife.

Jan 15, 2017
Welcome to Episode #011 of #ProudToBeKinky, where Bakji Ben and Floss are joined by two guests and friends of the show John and Sandy, a married Mistress and Slave.

Before I discuss what we talk about with John and Sandy, I’d just like to apologise for my lack of chatting in this episode, I was a poorly Floss on the day of recording so couldn’t quite manage much more than my own name. Also if anyone is wondering where Blue Ben and Viv have gone, fear not, they will be back soon, they are busy enjoying life, but we will definitely be hearing more from them in the near future.

Now back to this week's episode. We met John and Sandy on one of our adventures to a new Fetish Club, so they are more proof that all our talk about getting out there and getting social will be beneficial to you is definitely true. As well as fab friends they are also excellent Podcast guests, because they have their own unique story which shows another aspect of how people find their way onto the scene.

John and Sandy met at university and have been together for 14 years, married for 7, and have only joined the kink scene in recent years. Their journey into BDSM started like it does for many people with light bondage, sex toys and open communication and things slowly progressed from there.

Topics we cover in this episode:

  • How John and Sandy discovered they were kinky
  • What made John and Sandy join the Fetish scene
  • How it felt attending their first munch
  • How they came to run a munch & their thoughts on that
  • How they balance their dynamic with non-kink life

We hope you enjoy this episode, and remember if you’d like to offer any feedback or have any questions about the podcast, about kink or about the Fetish scene then drop us an email via You can also contact us through our Instagram, Twitter or Fetlife accounts.

Jan 8, 2017

Welcome to Episode #010 of #ProudToBeKinky, and our first episode of 2017. Bakji and Floss return as they offer up their ‘2016 Retrospective’ episode.

  Kinky 2016 Retrospective

Both Bakji and myself have had a busy year, and while many of our adventures have been enjoyed together, it doesn’t mean to say our take on things were the same. So in this episode they each select five of their highlights from 2016.

While this is a look back on the things we enjoyed in 2016, it’s also a chance to highlight the fun that can be had once you get yourself out there on the kink scene and socialising with other kinky people. I know it probably sounds easier for us as this year we’ve done new things as a couple this year, but remember we both joined the scene as single people who knew nobody, and have since met lots of lovely friends and through them each other.

So join us for this episode and find out the following:

  • Who copied whose list when some of our highlights match up (hint: I finished my list first so Bakji totally copied me)
  • Who finally got the hang of rope
  • Who really got into the swing of things with their suspensions
  • Who loves Latex
  • And a few other kinky highlights

We really hope you enjoy this episode, and if you have any feedback please remember that we love hearing from anyone who’s listening. You can email us on, comment on any of our posts on Instagram and Twitter or via our Fetlife account, just search for ProudToBeKinky. If you listen via iTunes and would like to leave a review of the podcast we’d be thrilled to read it.

Dec 29, 2016
Welcome to Episode 09 of #ProudToBeKinky. Bakji returns this week, as he chats to Floss about a subject that comes up fairly often when new people enter the scene, the common question of ‘Why Is No-one Into My Kink?’ When you are used to a non-kink lifestyle, where discussing fetishes is not the done thing, it makes sense that many people might end up feeling like no-one else in the world shares their fetishes, fantasies or erotic desires. Once you’ve spent a little bit of time on the kink scene though, you realise that very few people actually have a kink no-one else is into. Time and time again we see new people enter the scene and leave soon after disheartened that they didn’t find their ideal crop wielding Mistress or willing and obedient sub within their first couple of munches. Often these same people are trying to find someone to fulfill one or two fetishes that they have, ruling out anyone who doesn’t immediately state that they have the same kink, even if they are a great match in other ways. Which may not necessarily be the best approach as we discuss in more detail the Podcast. You will also notice when listening to this episode that once again we cover the familiar topic of going to a Munch, and how this will vastly increase your odds of finding someone into your kink. Yes we’ve said it before, and guess what, we will say it again. As a podcast focusing on the social side of kink, we are definitely advocates of getting yourself out there and meeting real life friends who are like minded and accepting of all facets of BDSM. Topics covered in this episode:
  • Why someone will be into your kink
  • Why it feels like no-one is into your kink
  • Why people may not take you up on your kind offers to indulge in your kink
  • How to enhance your chances of finding someone into your kink
  If you have any comments on this episode or any previous episodes please do contact us on hello [at} You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and FetLife.  
Dec 15, 2016
  Welcome to Episode 07 of the #ProudToBeKinky podcast. In this episode we welcome back Blue Ben and Viv as they talk to Bakji about kinky ‘coming out’. If you have got any positive stories you’d like to share about telling non-scene friends, family or colleagues about any aspect of your BDSM life please email us on hello {at]

For some people their BDSM related activities are strictly confined to the bedroom and therefor telling anyone outside of those involved is not necessary. However for some people BDSM becomes such a prominent part of their life that keeping it secret becomes very difficult. However it’s not always as simple as deciding to tell people what you may be into. Finding the delicate balance between too little and too much information is tricky.

Bakji, Blue Ben and Viv share their experiences and discuss what went well and not so well for them when they came out to some of their friends and they offer some advice in terms of what approaches you could take should you wish you to ‘come out’ to friends.

Topics covered in this episode:
  • Why you might want to ‘come out’
  • How to approach the ‘coming out’ conversations
  • How to stay private if you’d like to
Dec 2, 2016
Welcome to Episode #006 of the #ProudToBeKinky podcast! In this episode Bakji Ben and Floss talk Fetish Clubs. If you've got any positive and uplifting Fetish club stories, or any questions that we didn't quite answer, please email us at hello {at] You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and FetLife!

Very much like munches, which we have covered in previous episodes, going to your first Fetish event can feel like a massive hurdle. However once you get there it can be a great chance to meet new people and experience new things. We do understand that going for the first time can be daunting, so in this episode Bakji and Floss do their best to give you a little bit of insight to make your first time feel a little less scary and a lot more fun.

Things we cover in this episode:

  • Why you should go
  • What to expect
  • What to wear
  • Fetish club etiquette

The links below are primarily London focused, as it’s our go to area for Fetish clubs. So here are a few tips for finding events near you:

  • Search for ‘events near me’ on FetLife, you can also search for events your FetLife friends have RSVP’d to
  • On FetLife join groups such as ‘UK Clubs & Munches’ & ‘BDSM Events Calendar’ the second of which is primarily for our American friends
  • Ask around at Munches what events people are going to (another good reason to go to a Munch first)

You may need to travel a little to get to some of the bigger club nights. If you are struggling to find a Fetish night near you, or you’re not sure what event would suit you, please feel free to email us (hello [at] or drop us a message via our FetLife page and we’d be happy to help find you an suitable event.

  • FetLife
  • Toppers - Billed as London’s Friendliest Fetish Event (we’ve been and it is indeed very friendly)
  • London Fetish Calendar - not sure what’s on and when in London, here’s a good place to find out.
Nov 21, 2016

Welcome to episode #005 of the #ProudToBeKinky podcast. The whole gang is back again as promised for the slightly odd sounding BOT-isode, honestly it seemed like a good idea at the time. If you would like offer us some better podcast titles please email us using You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We're keen to hear feedback on the podcast and are happy to answer any questions you might have about the fetish scene or kink in general.

As with the previous episode we interchange our terminology, this time between bottoming and subbing. Overall I think all four of us tend to use subbing, within our current dynamics. As you will hear, this is less about the technicalities of the words, and more because the word ‘bottom’ makes us laugh like kids.

At some point in time Bakji Ben, Blue Ben, Viv and Eleanor have all taken on the submissive role. We all approach it in a different way, and all have our own reasons for why we enjoy indulging in our subby sides. So this chat is definitely testament to the fact that there is no one way to do kink.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What we enjoy about subbing
  • Different approaches to subbing
  • Skills that can be useful for a bottom

As always we hope you enjoyed this episode, and we look forward to you joining us for episode #006 which will be another conversation between Bakji Ben and Floss.


Nov 14, 2016
  Welcome to Episode #004 of the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, where Bakji Ben, Ben Blue, Viv and Floss talk topping styles in a chat we affectionately refer to as the TOPisode. If anything we discuss in this episode or any previous episodes leave you with the burning desire to ask us a question, or share your story, then please do so by emailing us at hello [at] You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram  [caption id="attachment_889" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sexy Toppy Fun! Sexy Toppy Fun![/caption]  

As mentioned all four of us are together this time round for our first group podcast. With all of us having switched at some point, and all being at different stages of our Topping journeys, our experience levels and personal stories differ widely, so it made for an interesting chat.

We all tend to interchange our terminology in this episode, switching between Topping and Domming depending on who is talking. While a Top is definitely a universal word for someone leading the way within an intimate exchange, in this episode we are predominantly using it to refer to BDSM interactions.

Topics we cover in this episode:

  • How we found our way into Topping
  • How we found our individual Topping styles
  • The switch from bottoming to Topping

We hope you enjoy this episode and tune in for the next instalment of this chat in episode #005 which covers how the four of us approach bottoming and/or subbing.

Nov 6, 2016
In this episode we introduce Floss and we talk about ladies getting into kinky relationships. Before we go any further though we'd like to mention that you can ask us anything you like at hello[at] or follow us on Twitter and Instagram,  we’d love to hear from you. [caption id="attachment_865" align="aligncenter" width="300"] @_Floss_84[/caption]

Anyway, just Bakji and Floss this time, (Blue Ben and Viv back next week) and yes the last two episodes were a bit long. We discuss how Floss found the fetish scene by accident. She started by doing research on erotic writing, first asking questions on the LoveHoney forums, which then took her to FetLife then on to her local scene.

Now she’s in a kinky, D/S, switch-ey relationship and we discuss how anyone interested in kink can meet someone too. Enjoy... and remember to use the hashtag  #proudtobekinky.

Topics we Cover:
  • Love and affection in a kinky relationship
  • FetLife… again!
  • Erotic writing and blogging.
  • Plucking up the courage to go to a Munch
  • How she met her current kink partner.
Oct 24, 2016

In this episode we introduce Blue Ben's Girlfriend Viv. We talk about how she discovered the fetish scene and how they met then found their kink dynamic. We then discuss fetish in films and media which are are usually the first place people see kink, so we talk about the films and TV that portray kink in a slightly more positive way than usual.


But it can't be denied that it's still a staple trope of your average horror film. Your local neighbourhood psycho has a dungeon full of kink equipment and frequents fetish clubs looking for victims. This tends to leave your average film viewer with something of a negative view of kink which isn’t exactly conducive to helping the kink curious joining the Fetish scene.... We've still got a long way to go but we're working on it.

Links and Topics:  
Oct 16, 2016
  Welcome to Episode #001 of the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, we discuss how to get off the internet and meet real-life partners or friends who share the same kinks and fetishes as you. We know it seems terrifying joining your local scene, fears of being seen, being outed, or meeting any old weirdos can be completely off-putting. We felt the same, then we joined, then found everyone to be very normal, pleasant, welcoming and accepting whilst being 100% respectful of consent. (And very few weirdos!) In recent years respect for gay and trans people is stronger than ever and quite rightly so. Yet if you’re into kink, then it still seems acceptable for people to judge, ridicule, ask lots of inane questions and jump to their own uninformed, often exaggerated assumptions. It’s that attitude that deters people from joining in the first place. We know, like you do, that being ‘kinky’ isn’t just some passing fad, it can be a sexuality like being straight or gay. We’re not claiming to be experts, we’re just a small group of friends who want to help others enjoy the same experiences we have. Still got a long way before it’s totally acceptable but we’re working on it. Please remember that you are not alone with your kinky inclinations… and like we say in the episode, if you don’t know anyone on the scene then you now know us! Topics We Cover:
  • Going to a Fetish Meet-up and joining your local scene.
  • Addressing the social stigma of being kinky.
  • How NOT to send out creepy messages. (Yes, we still have to cover that issue)
  • How just joining FetLife or going to a meet-up and not talking to anyone is not enough. Make conversation!
  • How we got into it in the first place.
  • What is ‘Fetiqutte’.
  • Our fears before joining (and how they were utterly unfounded). Telling our vanilla friends.
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